Reduced Risk

Proven Architecture

School Tech Team offers proven k12 solutions that help schools adopt advanced technologies with less risk. Our solutions are tested and proven successful to achieve sustainable results in a school environment. School Tech Team addresses common K12 technology needs with an efficient cost-effective approach.
Stay Current

Roadmap to Success

School Tech Team proactively supports our solutions adapting new and advanced technologies to a schools changing needs. Our successful comprehensive technology planning integrates into your school district's vision ensuring your district never falls behind. School Tech Team provides a proven roadmap of success with K12 technology.
Cost Effective

ALL Google School

Moving your district to an all Google school is more of a reality than most realize. The cost savings can be tremendous and create the ability to fund more curriculum and teacher professional development. School Tech Team has had great success running windows and other non Chrome software from Chromebooks allowing the flexibility a school needs. Let us provide your district a cost analysis of how great your savings can be!
Making IT simple

For Tech to Engage
Make it Transparent

Technology is not supposed to make teaching more difficult. By making things easier to use and more reliable your staff will be more willing to use it. Engaged students lead to faster progress and higher test scores.
Technology Automation

Make Technology Work
for Your District

By automating tedious tasks from your SIS data like account creation, graduation, rostering and more you will have more time to invest in the students. We help integrate learning management systems,
Google Classroom, thousands of learning apps and more!
Successful Tech Plan That Fits

Proven Technology Plan
To Insure Your Success

Our team has spent decades continually improving our systematic approach. The wealth of K-12 analytic data we collect from different schools continues to make our planning stronger. Our knowledgeable, experienced experts allow us to have amazing success. Working together with your district, we adapt our technology plan to make your goals a reality. No more guesswork around technology. We guarantee a successful outcome!
Reduced operating expense

Cost Reduction is a Side
Effect of Being Efficient

The advanced technology solutions we use in our designs are more cost effective and more reliable. Added reliability reduces the effort it takes to support. Our approach to automation and efficiency returns hours of time every day to your teachers. We will constantly be evaluating cost in everything we do.
Lesson Plans with technology

Help Your Teachers
Integrate Technology

Building a fast stable technology foundation that is easy to use is a critical step. providing your teachers professional development and coaching to help them integrate technology into their lesson plans gets results.

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