Absolute K-12 is our team’s technology innovation plan that was specifically designed for K-12 schools. We think that by incorporating our plan into your district, you will be on the right path to accomplish your district’s technology vision.

You might be asking yourself what your district has to gain from Absolute K-12? With our help, your district will learn how to use government funding to pay for most of your equipment. We will also help you come up with a rotation plan with a long term budget to ensure that you get the most out of the technology you invest in.

It is so important to come up with a detailed plan before you even think about purchasing technology, (see our article on critical steps for building a technology plan for more information). Our team is here to help you plan ways to save the most money, all while acquiring technology that will last for years to come.  

We’ve been consulting with K-12 schools for over two decades. If you want to know what most schools accomplish when following our plan, we can tell you what to expect. Under Absolute K-12, you will see a 99.9% uptime network and fast wireless no matter how many devices you have. Your school district will also experience a 1:1 technology initiative where all of the devices connect to the wireless at the same time. You will experience seamless testing for PARCC and NWEA, backup internet connectivity, and even enhanced internet security for students and staff members.

Our cloud support team wants to make the transition easy for you, and our team can install tools to simplify tasks that are usually completed over summer break. Cloud support will reduce technical problems for teachers and allow for a faster problem resolution. A reduction in problems means more time for teacher training on how to incorporate technology into the curriculum.

We want to emphasize that we think teacher training is critical because when teachers are comfortable using technology, they will use it more often and more effectively. With Absolute K-12, we will provide your district with teacher support experts to help train your teachers because we understand that not every district has enough technicians to train. This will ensure that the learning environment is more organized and efficient.

We truly believe that the Absolute K-12 plan will take your district’s use of technology to the next level! If you want to find out more information about Absolute K-12 please contact us so we can start working together to achieve a flawless technology innovation.  

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