You probably opened this article feeling skeptical. After all, a 1:1 technology initiative is expensive. But we’re telling you that there is a way to save money and get what you want. There are many choices when it comes to choosing devices for classrooms, but Google Chromebooks are the #1 laptop sold to US K-12 schools for a reason.

It can be hard to decide what is best for your students when there are so many tablets and laptops on the market, but Chromebooks are cost effective, and were created specifically for student usage. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on one device. Google Chromebooks only cost around $200-$300 each. There are many different models available, which allows you to choose what you think best fits your district. Google understands that most school districts strive to purchase devices for every student, so Chromebooks are priced cost effectively.

The savings you will see if you choose Chromebooks is not only because the devices are cheaper. Our support desk analytics show that Chromebooks have 90% fewer problems than Macbooks or Windows laptops. That means less money spent on technical issues and the upkeep of the devices.

While Chromebooks are not designed to run complex programs on their own, there are ways around the limitations. When you utilize the right software, you can run even the most intensive of programs. You can even run programs that were created for other operating systems, like Windows. This can be done through virtual machines, meaning that multiple Chromebooks can log into and run programs like Autocad through remote access. The single server that runs the software is the only high end computer needed. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a class set of expensive devices designed for more complex software.

Chromebooks are perfect for students on the go. They are lightweight and portable, with tablet like features such as a stylus, a touch screen, and a 360-degree hinge that allows you to turn the screen face up. Chromebooks also contain Google apps that are free and extremely functional in a classroom setting. Google Docs is the perfect platform for students and teachers to use for group projects and collaborations. Chromebooks are incredibly user-friendly and can be set up and ready to use in under 15 minutes. These devices are great for students to share as well, because all students need to do is sign into the device with their Google account, and all of their documents and files are accessible instantaneously.

If you’re a teacher, using Chromebooks also has perks. Google Chromebooks are secure for online testing and have features to ensure that your students cannot use the device to cheat. Teachers can easily disable internet browsing and USB ports for test days. Another reason educators love Chromebooks is because the battery life can last from 8-11 hours. So teachers will not have to deal with the distraction of devices dying in the middle of class, or the hassle of searching for outlets and power cord. The battery should last throughout the entire school day.

With so many great features and the reasonable cost, Chromebooks are perfect for any K-12 district looking to provide students with an even better learning experience. If your district is still on the fence, let us help you put together a customized plan to help you see how much money you can really save, all while adding more features and more flexibility in your schools.

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