Cost is always an issue for school districts, and we do not see that changing anytime soon. But in our opinion, it is important not to cut corners when it comes to WiFi and network speeds. Students, teachers, and other staff members usually bring their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops from home, so countless devices are trying to connect to the same network all at once. There are many perks to a digital learning environment, but there are also setbacks. The more devices there are trying to connect to a network, the more there is a need for fast acting and reliable wireless technology.

An unreliable internet connection can prevent both students and teachers from completing assignments in class if the WiFi is running too slow. We believe that schools should invest when it comes to wireless technology. It does not make sense for 1:1 schools to spend so much money on expensive computers, only to try to save on the wireless connection that is crucial to how the devices perform. A great wireless technology we recommend for K-12 districts is Cisco WAV2 High Density wireless.

Cisco WAV2 wireless technology has features that will change the way you feel about WiFi. The WAV2 supports a higher wireless network speed and a larger coverage area of the wireless network. We think that WAV2 will offer your district faster wireless speeds for better user experience. This technology will help your increasing number of devices connect to the network quickly and reliably. WAV2 also offers a Single Point Setup, which requires no controller for easy placement at multiple access points. Cisco understands that schools need to configure multiple access points at the same time, which is why the WAV2 was created for schools. So whether you need an indoor, outdoor, or a cloud-managed wireless access point, you will not experience limitations.

With the WAV2, you will experience fast performance for video, and more applications to speed up daily productivity. This system includes features like, WiFi Scheduler that allows you to control WiFi access at all hours, QoS to prioritize network traffic to keep the most important applications performing at their best, and multiple internal antennas, so you can install WAV2 on the ceiling, wall, or desktop.

We think that many K-12 schools need an upgrade, and should focus on the wireless network while replacing the wired network. Because students and staff rely on technology so much, it only makes sense to invest in a network upgrade that is faster and will meet all of your district’s needs. With that being said, we believe that Cisco WAV2 is worth checking out for K-12 districts looking to make a change.

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