Creating Hybrid Learning Environments

Creating an environment for remote learning that mimics in person learning has been a big challenge for most schools. Even if the technology infrastructure is set up to be transparent there are many other considerations to overcome. Approaching these challenges as an opportunity to review your current approach to technology can help a lot.

Start out by leveraging solutions that are cloud based and make things simpler for your instructors and the students. With the right infrastructure in place many challenges become much easier to overcome. Creating an environment that is easy to use and engages is possible without breaking the bank.

Setting up Video and classroom tools to enable your instructors is paramount. Build the system so it can be in person, remote, or even hybrid. Have camera’s and mics on the in person learners in addition to the instructors. Automate participation and interaction in a way that will benefit your learning strategy for the long term. There is really no way to tell how long this approach will be a necessity or if we will have top go down this road again.

Our team regularly partners with digital curriculum consultants to help enable instructors to be more effective. I can’t stress enough how important this piece is.

Simply put you can build the environment it is possible. Combining that with professional development on real world solutions bring it all together. The end result is your district will be stronger with technology regardless of what the world throws at everyone.

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