There is a great case to be made right now for a shift in leadership roles in K-12. Technology in general is more complex and is more prevalent in schools today.  The ability for a district to build an effective IT department to keep up with the changes is becoming more and more difficult. Technology continues to advance and change every year. There are constantly new innovations and upgrades.

We think that the gap between teachers and technology needs to be filled. Technology needs to be driven directly from the curriculum. Hiring a curriculum director is the perfect solution to this problem because the curriculum director can serve as the voice of the teachers when communicating with the IT team. It is important that technology and the curriculum go hand in hand in order to utilize the devices to the fullest potential. Technology is only an effective learning tool when it is used in a way that enhances the current lesson plan.

The curriculum director should be the one who takes the lead when it comes to technology in the school. In a way, the curriculum director should bridge the gap between teachers and technology and make it known to the IT department if teachers need more training, or if they need more information on how to make the devices work properly. As a team, the IT department and the curriculum director need to plan together and build an infrastructure that supports the needs of the entire district. With this solution, the days of buying technology and hoping the teachers will actually use it are over.

We think that this change is a great way to solve any disconnect between teachers and the IT department. This way, your district can move forward and begin to use technology in an effective way to supplement learning.

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