What can Google Stream do for you and your school?

How it works

Google Stream makes finding and organizing your files easier than ever. It can integrate with both Windows and MacOS devices. Not only is organization easy, but the Cloud will store all of your files, which means they won’t be taking up valuable space on your device. Once you upload a file, you will be able to access it from any device at any time. This includes computers, phones, and tablets. Need to access files offline? No problem. With Google Stream, you can easily select files to be stored on your device and access them without internet connection. Unlike Google Sync, Stream is also capable of having team drives. This allows multiple users to access and share files seamlessly.

What it means for you

With the Team Drive capability, your whole classroom can have easy access to the same materials. Because of the Cloud storage, students and teachers can get to their files from the classroom, home, the library, or anywhere else. Let School Tech Team show you how Stream can make students’ and teachers’ experience faster and more efficient. We’d love to save you valuable time in the classroom.

Compare to Google Sync

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