On-Site Options for “Simple Support” design.

School Tech Team’s proactive approach adds reliability and process creating an environment that drastically reduces technology issues. We like to call this our “Simple Support” design. Once in place the need for on site user and device level support is drastically reduced. Depending on where your district is in this process this can open up opportunities to expand existing roles. Things like helping instructors with professional development, managing integrations around digital curriculum and more. Relationships within the school are very important and play a big part in the success of the districts goals. 

Once School Tech Team has your technology ready for “Simple Support” the following types of on site needs could remain.

  • Interactive whiteboard maintenance and alignment
  • Projector issues, bulbs, maintenance
  • Printer Issues (Only if your district decides to still allow personal printers)
  • Classroom monitors or media devices

The following info addresses the possibilities available once this has been successfully achieved.

Option 1: Working together with existing IT support employees

Working together with existing IT staff is mutually beneficial. A collaborative approach allows existing relationships to be leveraged which help when change is needed. School Tech Team has many automated tools that play a big part in making your district easier to support. Collaborating and sharing of information allows everyone to reach mutual goals with reduced risk. School Tech Team will regularly share information with your existing staff on the tools and process that makes us successful.

Option 2: Working together with the districts technology curriculum integration team

If your district does not have existing IT staff we have found it very effective working with a curriculum director or team of learning technology instructors. This is especially effective when the districts strategy for engaging students has shifted to Chromebooks and away from interactive whiteboards, Projectors have been replaced with TV’s, printing is focused on stations maintained by a printer maintenance company, and Chromebooks and other classroom tools are exchangeable from the library or inventory area. A small amount of reactive on site support will be included for rare cases when this platform is used.

Option 3: District hired entry level tech to be mentored and trained for the on site role

With this option the district would hire an entry level tech with the assistance of School Tech Team. The tech would serve as the on site presence for technology and be trained and mentored to support the remainder of the issues under a “Simple Support” design. Minimal expertise is needed to effectively support the limited number of issues that will come up. Often this role will be a dual role with expertise on user professional development around new software and systems adding additional value for the district.

Option 4: School tech team resource assigned on site for basic support

School Tech team can provide a support engineer to cover the remaining on site needs under this scenario. This approach eliminates the need for the district to manage the employee, the hiring process, turnover, sick and vacation time, and more. This can be included in your School tech Team agreement by request.

Stability starts here

Foundational IT

The foundation infrastructure for your school is critical to the success of everything you do. Issues with the foundation are amplified across every system and software your school adopts. School Tech Team deploys a proven technology foundation for your school. We guarantee performance and 99% uptime for a 1:1 environment. This includes all needed wiring, network, wireless, and systems needed. Our Google centric approach combines advanced technologies and cloud services to achieve amazing reliability and features.
Protect your school

Safety & Security

Our multi point approach to security will cover your school proactively adapting to new challenges. School Tech Team is constantly monitoring new threats and government mandates. Systems and procedures are implemented for content filtering, identity protection, network protection, bully and self-harm notifications, and building access control and monitoring.
Save Time
Making IT Easy

Efficient & Automated

Automation and integration of technology tools, user identities, and data is critical to keeping things simple. Data starts with your schools SIS. Our solution uses SIS data to create new accounts, update roster info, single sign on for any app, correlate students and staff to any system, custom app launchpad, LMS integration, automatic graduation, and more. No more wrong passwords, account issues, csv uploading, or wasting time. Classroom management tools are included to monitor and guide student technology use and promote responsible learning.
Comprehensive Evaluation

We Evaluate our
solutions for

Every solution we design and recommend is compared to all known available alternatives. We put extensive research into the leaders, up and coming solutions, and even open source solutions. We will always recommend the leading solution that fits your district the best. New innovative solutions are being evaluated regularly by our team.

Cloud solutions are also evolving at a very fast pace. Paying pennies for compute hours fits many school use cases well. You can rest assured our team will leave no stone unturned investigating all available options for your district.









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