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Planning, Guidance, and Analytics.

The glue that holds everything together is the School Teach Team management resources. This is the area of School Tech Team where we analyze all the data we collect and fit to your district. Not only is K-12 different, but every district has unique qualities we enjoy being part of.

Our team is constantly looking at guidelines around student identity protection, bullying, changes in CIPA, and more. We work hard to make sure we keep our districts in the know and not surprised.

Planning for cost is another big area we take very seriously. Our team will constantly review existing spending, help design rotation plans, build E-Rate and grants into budgeting and more. Our goal is to help your district build a predictable budget. We want the school board to understand while keeping technology current. Useful life, depreciation and many other important factors need to be considered when building a comprehensive technology budget.

Purchasing and device types is another great area where our analytics pay dividends. Every brand of device requires infrastructure behind it to be managed and supported effectively. The cost of building and maintaining those systems can vary a great deal. Over time we have developed great insight around the full cost impact of each device type. School Tech Team is happy to support any device type your district is comfortable with. Our goal is to help your district make more informed decisions.

School Tech Team leverages these four main areas to provide a proactive all-inclusive team approach with our customers. Our goal is simple. Create transparent technology that works. Greater teacher adoption of technology will help your district improve test scores. Our organized proven approach enables your district to keep up and take advantage of today’s advancing technologies like you’ve never thought possible.