We understand that the internet is a key tool in today’s education system. As the world becomes more digital, the threat of viruses, spam, and malware becomes more prevalent. While technology is a great tool to keep students engaged, a reliance makes schools more susceptible to online threats. If your district uses technology for important tasks including testing, lesson planning, and tracking data, it is important that you purchase a web security system that is up for the task of protecting confidential information.

 Sophos has been making quite an impact on K-12 for a while. By combining the workstation antivirus with the firewall, Sophos provides a higher level of protection than ever before. This software will improve your device’s security at an incredibly affordable price point.

Even though similar programs exist, Sophos keeps you safer and costs less in comparison. Sophos protects you from common online threats including the encryption of data, spyware, and malware. This program helps  prevent attacks before they spread, can identify the root of an attack, and monitors every single one of your devices to ensure that they are not running malicious hardware.

We think Sophos is particularly great for school districts and other large organizations because we understand how some data is irreplaceable. If data becomes encrypted, an entire school could potentially shut down. But if your system is compromised, Sophos can revert the files back, which will save time, energy, and money in the long haul.

Another perk Sophos offers is that you can try before you buy. You can test out the program with a free 30 day fully functional trial. The trial even includes the enterprise management console. This option is great for those who are still on the fence and need to experience all that Sophos can do.

While Sophos is a great program, no software is perfect. Regarding the AV-Test scores, Sophos overall scored a five out of six. Even though this is not a bad score, there is still room for improvement. AV-Test is an antivirus testing lab that evaluates how software protects against online threats. Sophos scored the lowest (4.5 out of 6) in computer performance in comparison to similar programs. There is a chance that the software could negatively impact the performance of your devices. Even though this impact is most likely minor, it is up to your district to decide if this potential risk is worth it.

Despite the AV-Test scores, we still recommend Sophos for K-12 districts because it will improve your device’s security. Eligible schools who purchase Sophos can take advantage of discounted internet services and more. We believe this program is definitely worth your school’s while. Check out their website today and start researching.

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