Did you know that education is one of the biggest targets for ransomware? You do now. If you’ve never heard of ransomware, it is a malicious software that can block access to your data, encrypt your files, and threaten to make your information public. Ransomware is an extortion attack, because hackers will demand that you pay money with the promise of restoring your device and getting rid of the malware.

It is often advised that you do not pay the ransom for two reasons. First, these hackers are criminals and cannot be trusted to remove the malware, even after you’ve paid. Second, ransom fees will only continue to rise if more people are willing to pay, which adds to the problem.

Since 2012, ransomware attacks have increased, and hospitals, businesses, and schools are targeted. These cyber-attacks have already caused 1.2 billion dollars in damages, and ransomware is still on the rise. As technology advances every day, so does malware. If you want to learn how to protect yourself from a potential attack, or if you have already been infected and are seeking a solution, Sophos Intercept X is a software that will get the job done.

Sophos Intercept X will prevent the encryption of data, intercept malware, and restore your files. This software will ensure that your devices stay safe and protected. In our opinion, Sophos has a link between the software that runs on teacher’s computers and the firewall. So even if something happens to the computer, the firewall works together with the endpoint software to fix any security problems.

Another feature that makes Sophos Intercept X worth your money is that it can help prevent attacks before they spread. Sophos protects and monitors the status of all your devices to ensure that they are not running any malicious software. If your system is infected, it will show up on your security heartbeat as either yellow or red so you’ll know right away.

Sophos is perfect for school districts because it can help keep student records, data, and research perfectly secure. This software can identify the root of an attack and pinpoint exactly where the attack began to spread. If your data is compromised by malware, files will not be lost forever because Sophos Intercept can revert your files back to normal. Another feature that we think makes this product perfect for schools is that eligible schools who buy Sophos are provided with discounted internet services and more!

While we stand by Sophos, it still has faults. Sophos scored a 5 out of 6 on AV-Test scores, which is an antivirus testing lab that tests out software to see how they protect against viruses and threats. Even though 5 out of 6 is a high score, there is still room for improvement. Sophos scored the lowest, a 4.5 out of 6, in computer performance, which means that this software can impact the performance and speed of your devices. The impact will likely be small, but it is up to you to decide if you would rather risk a ransomware attack or a potential minor slowdown in your technology.

Overall, we think that Sophos really is the best option for educators who want to support E-rate savings and have all in one protection against ransomware.

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