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School Tech team believes in having individual specialists in each area of IT. Experts in Networking, Wi-fi, Virtualization, Security, Identity management, Apple integrations, Google, and more. By leveraging these high-level engineers School Tech Team continues to innovate and design resilient solutions that literally eliminate down time.

Many of our solutions have been pre-configured in a virtual environment and are able to be deployed quickly and effectively. Our team also uses advanced automation tools to drastically reduce the effort needed in building and supporting a proactive environment.

Our team is constantly evaluating solutions in every area of technology. The School Tech Team testing lab compares numerous criteria before deciding on recommending a solution to our customers. Our team goes well beyond features and functionality. The financial health of the vendor, standardization, and many other important factors are considered in our solution assessments. Our team is always looking at new technology and new products to find better and more cost-effective alternatives for our customers.

Integrating systems together so the user has a seamless experience is one of our specialties. Many schools have Windows, OSX, IOS, Chrome, Android, etc. Making the security seamless and simple is paramount to staff adoption. Building these integrations, pushing out certificates, enabling https inspection and more is second nature to our experts.

Our team believes in centralized tools to manage all systems. Adding apps to iPad’s in mass, multicasting device images on your network to reduce network traffic, inventory solutions and more. There is very little that can’t be centrally and remotely managed in mass once all our tools are in place.

Building redundancy into each system that could cause an outage is a big portion of moving your district to proactive and even predictive. When a system fails our goal is that School Tech Team is the only one that knows. The backup system takes over and our support staff gets alerted to the issue. We proactively repair what failed and notify the district what happened. We do not like interruptions in teaching and work hard to make them go away.

School Tech Team has designed a cloud customer portal that we continue to improve regularly. In addition to being able to manage support requests and see analytics on your district, changes that could affect staff are also managed in the portal. They are tracked with an approval process for district leadership. The portal also has frequently asked questions, news with any upcoming or current events, a list of product warranty or vendor support coming due, top support categories, and it even gives project and task visibility for collaboration with our team. School Tech Team believes communication and transparency is paramount in providing quality customer service.