Experienced Expert Analysis

Our Comprehensive Technology Audit
Helps School's Plan For The Future

Intro Meeting

Meeting to get to know each other better, understand expectations, and set goals.

Data Collection

The more information we are able to assemble on your district tho more detailed and accurate our results will be.

Anonymous Teacher Surveys

Great info collected from the staff to understand their feelings on numerous technology topics

Analysis Of Data

The information collected will be reviewed for preparation of the final report. Interviews and additional questions may become necessary as part of this process.

Team Of Experts

All Categories of Technology
included in the Assessment

Tech Plan

Review of the districts technology plan and relevant documentation to better understand past goals


Understanding of the districts vision and strategy helps us measure the effort left to reach your goals


Process, procedure, automation, how good is your district at leveraging technology to help your staff be more effective


The districts network is the foundation everything is built on. Fast reliable wired and wireless are critical


Are the tools your district uses current? Are there newer more effective lower cost alternatives to be considered?


Every major area of security is reviewed comparing your districts current approach to what other districts are doing

Overview of Survey Results

Anonymous survey results are provided to help the district understand how the staff feels about the districts current technology. Staff that is satisfied with the districts technology helps with retention.

modernization analysis

Each of the districts IT systems will be compared to potentially newer more effective solutions. Potential alternatives will be explained and ranked by value.

Comparison to Other Districts

Past assessment data and a wealth of K-12 specific analytics is used to present new ideas and innovation to help your district. Comparing other districts strategies will help identify what is possible.

Detailed findings report

Your district will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings. Any concerns found will be ranked by severity. The report is designed to be easy to read and understand by leadership. Many of our customers use our reports for updating their school board on the districts state of technology.


Some of Our Customers Include

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