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Tech Plan Review

Our team will review your current tech plan. A tech plan should be all inclusive. From the initial vision to your rotation plan every aspect of your plan is important. Without a comprehensive plan turning your vision into reality becomes difficult.

Tech Spending Review

Our team will review the last two years of technology spending. We will look for duplicate services and solutions. Our financial review will identify areas of possible reduction and help with future budgeting.

Network Diagnostics

Our network assessment is composed of numerous automated tools to scan and identify the design of your network. Our team will look for bottlenecks, congestion points, security, servers, and more. A network map will be generated and recommendations from the findings will be included in our report. Administrative passwords may be required. In some situations a probe may be needed for one week while the students are in class for optimal results.

Anonymous Teacher Surveys

Teacher surveys can be a huge asset to your district. Often our surveys reveal a disconnect in perception between leadership and the teachers. Happy enabled teachers lead to higher test scores and student achievement. If you feel your teachers are happy with the state of your current technology this is the fastest way to find out. Let us send our survey to you teachers today!

School Visits

Coming out to your schools to look around gives us a good perspective on the student experience in your district. Classroom design, technology available to the teachers, classroom management tools, ease of use, and more. We like to talk to the teachers and just get an overall feel for the environment.

Leadership Interviews

Leadership interviews are critical to understanding the vision of your district when it comes to technology. Knowing where you want to go helps us determine if you are ready to get there.

Expert Review and Suggestions

Our experienced team of technology experts will review all the information collected. Your design and configuration will be compared to best practice. Each area of technology will be analyzed and a report will be generated for your district. Any issues or recommendations will be included in our final report.

Reporting of Results

A comprehensive report written at a technical level so it is easy to understand. Any issues found will be ranked by severity. Recommendations will be included and presented in a clear and concise manner. Questions are enjoyed and our goal is to help your district have a more transparent view into the current status of technology.