School Tech Team partners with BetterLesson to provide the best possible solution for our customers. The addition of BetterLesson services better enables your teachers to take advantage of the advanced technology.

Founded in 2009, BetterLesson’s mission is to empower schools and districts to develop and retain innovative, student-centered teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders. BetterLesson’s leading-edge professional development programs and platform support K-12 educators to design and implement student-centered learning strategies that solve their most pressing challenges and enhance student and teacher engagement, achievement, and joy in the classroom.

The BetterLesson personalized model is informed by years of rigorous investigation, analysis, and codification. A host of prominent organizations incorporate our research and thought leadership into their resources and tools, including New Schools for New Orleans, RELAY Graduate School of Education, The Friday Institute, The Highlander Institute, Next Generation Learning Challenges, The Rogers Family Foundation, The Clayton Christensen Institute, and Jobs for the Future.

BetterLesson’s experienced team shares a vision to catalyze and scale technology-enabled, student-centered learning for all students. BetterLesson has partnered with dozens of schools, districts, foundations, non-profit organizations, and state departments of education to build the blended and personalized learning capacity of more than 4,000 teachers and leaders across North America. The professional experiences we’ve designed and delivered in hundreds of schools and districts are grounded in the research on adult learning and mirror the pedagogies and routines of student-centered classrooms. Our capacity-building approach focuses on the manageable steps educators can take from week to week to sustain long-term learner-centered changes in practice.

Professional Learning Impact Framework

Adapted from research of Thomas Gusky, 1986

BetterLesson offers ongoing, high-quality professional learning opportunities to support the purposeful integration of technology into instruction. We support administrators, coaches, and teachers by building their capacity while ensuring their success in leveraging technology to improve student outcomes. Our scaffolded approach to PD meets leaders and teachers where they are in the development of their professional practice; this establishes and builds on educators’ prior knowledge.

Betterlesson empower’s teachers to become facilitators of professional learning within their schools and the district, first by helping teachers in making the important shift to a student-centered instructional model, then by building internal capacity to sustain these instructional shifts.

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