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I was amazed at the knowledge School Tech Team has on school district culture. Our last technology support firm fixed our problems as they happened. School Tech Team has transformed our technology and reduced the number of issues we have dramatically. I only wish I found them years ago.

Our IT director had been with the district over two years. We trusted him to build our technology and be ready for our 1:1 initiative. Shortly before the start of the school year we had the parents at the school to celebrate as we handed out the new Chromebooks. It was a disaster. No more than a couple would work at a time. They kept disconnecting and kicking the students off. It was an embarrassing moment for our district. The next morning our IT director quit. We had less than two weeks before school started. We had no tech director and after 2 years of planning and upgrading our 1:1 did not work. We hired School Tech Team to try and bail us out. Their staff was friendly and helpful and they came across knowledgeable in K-12.. From the moment School Tech Team started it was obvious they knew what they were doing. As they worked on our systems different specialists would show up to do their portion of the work. Within one week they had completely reconfigured our network and upgraded our wireless. Within two weeks School Tech Team accomplished more than our IT director was able to in two years. We continued to work with School Tech Team to support our district's technology. They audited our systems and found billing for systems that had not been used in years. The first year they save the district more than we paid them. School Tech Team is a great asset to our district.