Does your school use a 1:1 technology plan? While a 1:1 initiative is the most desirable, it can be stressful once the expensive devices are in the hands of students. Teachers and administrators may find themselves worrying about students losing their school devices, therefore losing district money. We think that GoGuardian is a great program that ensures that both students and staff get the most out of school technology.

Districts spend millions on expensive devices, and GoGuardian has all of the tools you’ll need. We understand that accidents happen and that kids aren’t always the most responsible. We also know that Chromebooks and iPads are commonly stolen items. With GoGuardian, you won’t have to feel anxious if something does happen, because there are ways to recover a missing device with the click of a button on the Admin dashboard. GoGuardian works anywhere. It also has a strong security system through the use of AWS and TLS encryption, so your school files and documents are protected.

GoGuardian’s Smart Recovery feature provides teachers with all of the necessary data to find a missing device. This includes, serial numbers, make and model, location, device history, screenshots, and the information of the last user who logged on. While there is never a guarantee that a stolen or lost device will be found, Smart Recovery provides a great tracking system to give you all the information you’ll need to find it.

Teachers may also feel overwhelmed if multiple school devices are missing at once, but with GoGuardian, teachers can manage all missing devices from one location just by checking the Theft Recovery Dashboard. The dashboard is color coded too, so it’s easy to understand what’s missing with a quick glance. Without this helpful tracking feature, devices could disappear forever. This would force school district to lose money from needing to buy a replacement.

As a result, we think that GoGuardian is definitely worth it. By purchasing GoGuardian, you could potentially save thousands in the long run. This should push it to the top of your list of must have programs.



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